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Over the years RIXG has worked on behalf of the renal community to try and understand the risks and opportunities which Connecting for Health (CfH) presents, always trying to ensure that the IT expertise of the renal community as well as the needs of community are understood by those with influence over the project.

In 2008 a major structural change within CfH meant that an opportunity arose to influence this process at a level somewhat closer to the end user than in the past. With the change substantial elements of the implementation were devolved down to Strategic Health Authorities in England, each with a Chief Information Officer (CIO) responsible for implementing the National Programme for IT. At the same time, it became clear that a number of pieces of nationally / regionally developed software were beginning to be implemented in various Trusts around the country. Whilst it was clear that the situation was (is) still a very long way from an integrated national programme it was felt that the time had now arrived where it was crucial that the renal community started to have some influence with the CIOs in each SHA in order for them to (i) understand the renal IT agenda, and (ii) benefit from the substantial expertise of our community in this field.

In the first quarter of 2008, the renal units in each SHA were therefore asked to nominate an individual who would lead for renal IT across the respective SHA area helping to further / shape the development of renal IT strategies by providing a liaison between (i) the units and the SHA CIO, and (ii) the units and RIXG. (The names and contact details of the current Advocates are available from the Current Advocates page).

Many of us in the renal IT community share common goals and aspirations as well as common frustrations in achieving these goals. Sometimes these issues are at 'higher' strategic levels; at other times these relate to 'lower' level more detailed issues. Clearly we should, where possible, learn from the experiences of others. One of the advocates' aims therefore is to improve the collation and sharing of successful IT development / deployment / infrastructure strategies as well as details of any problems or obstacles (and hopefully how they were overcome) thus helping all units to benefit from the wealth of expertise "out there" in the renal community at large.

In 2008 the Advocates worked with RIXG on the topics of renal units and their IT systems, informatic staff and 'Choose and Book'. The results of these surveys may be accessed through the menu links at the top and pdf versions may be downloaded from the Downloads page.

For 2010, the Advocates are to further this initiative and their own collaborations through this dedicate website. Once this is established then this site will be opened up to all.

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