RIXG Outline Standards for Renal Software Tender

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As a step to providing support for renal centres in the procurement of renal software systems, Peter Rowe, Colin Geddes and Keith Simpson (on behalf of RIXG) have produced an outline standards document to inform the tender process.

This document is now available for download and is freely distributable.

This document describes the outline requirements for a renal electronic healthcare system and is intended as a practical guide to the generation of specific tender documents for procurement of a renal information system, addressing the generic requirements of a comprehensive renal service including all modes of renal replacement therapy, conservative care and transplantation. It may not be relied upon to cover all aspects of a procurement process, nor to form a detailed tender document. It has been developed from the document used to support the procurement of the new West of Scotland integrated system.


Last Updated on Saturday, 21 September 2013 09:58